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I am 20 years old. I set up a reservation to rent a car using avis' website.

I entered all of my information where required and selected my age of 20 in the Dropbox (which went as far as 18). This should have been a red flag for the website/company. Instead, the site allowed me to continue choosing a car, liability insurance, etc. it quoted me on a price and confirmed my reservation, sending a confirmation to my email address.

The confirmation even stayed that I was 20 years old. I later called customer service and had them confirm my reservation, which they did. Still no red flag. So I got a ride to Milwaukee's airport (30 minutes).

I spent an additional 30 minutes driving all over the airport because the airport did NOT have signs for picking up rental cars. After all that time, I show up to the Avis desk and have them look up my reservation. They have it, it's in the system. Yay!

Not.... They ask me my age and I tell them I'm 20. "Oh, we don't rent to anyone under 21." Manager came out and everything. Not one person could explain to me why I could say I was 20 on the website and be given a reservation and everything.

They wasted all that time and could not even issue an apology. I am livid as this has single-handedly ruined my vacation. What a truly awful company.

I've never been so wronged by a company before. I should take them to small claims just for the sake of wasting their time as well.

Review about: Avis Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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A lot of other places wont let you rent until 25.My kids even know this and they are your age.Common knowledge.

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