Nadi, Fiji
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It is about our recent experience with avis over in fiji me and my wife went to my mum's funeral so we hired a toyota suv from the airport the hireage was for a week and we decided to keep our vehicle for another week so we went to the suva branch and extended it and paid on the spot my wife left fiji to get back home and stayed behind as the week was coming to an end i needed the car for few more days so went back to the suva branch and paid from my card for fews days as i was flying back to Auckland on the 9th of December to my suprise on the morning of 9th when returning the suv and getting the paperwork sorted the agent asked me to park extra $300plus in fijian dollars for the extensions we done for hiring the suv which i said sorry nobody told us about it and we paid each time in full so after making phone call to her colleague she said sorry its ok no payment needed but on Tuesday my wife found out that they have taken money out of her account for god knows what to us its is theft without our knowledge the money was taken after ringing around and trying to get to the bottom of it we haven't had any clear results all we got emails at the end of the day there service in fiji seems so appalling and the phone calls and time we have been spending to sort this out seems nothing to avis fiji so my advice to the avis is get us a clear answer .

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