Unprofessional, each staff gives a different policy/rules, this particular employee was very spiteful because I threatened to file a complaint he basically told me since I'm going to so so he will remove the discount he offered me. This man told my boyfriend he is going out back and will be right back, this man was gone for 15mins and didn't even apologies when he returned..

Even while he was missing this gentleman in the lobby apparently knows this employee and said " you have to keep an eye on P( I will not say the full name)" I guess this was a way of saying this employee is forgetful etc. we return the car and wanted to make a split payment, he told us we couldn't , well I thought this was rather surprising considering another employee few days prior allowed us a split payment.there was even another instant where reservations were made with P over the phone but when I got to avis there were no reservations so this other employee had to start all over, he didn't even type or print and extra piece of paper which I'm used to seeing basically staying g I approved an additional driver.. His excuse it's ok it's not that important !! Well today We also told P we want to extend so we had to go to the bank to get the exact change to pay for the three days, when we got back he had forgotten we wanted to extend so he had to start on the preparation of the paper work..

This place was too complicated the staff seem confused and u see a different face each time for the main part. I will never rent again from avis, based on the experience I've had at this location I would say customer service training is needed,attitude adjustments, carefree environment sucks.

I didn't feel appreciated. Worst car rental experience ever.

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