My husband and I reserved an economy car rental to pick up in Norfolk, VA for Saturday, January 3rd to be dropped off in Charleston, SC the next day. When we arrived after a long flight from overseas at the AVIS desk on Sunday to pick up the vehicle, we were greeted by an agent who, although not rude, was not welcoming either.

Being military, we had reserved through USAA. Our estimated cost for the rental was approximately $80. We had actually been advised by military friends who often travel the same route to go through AVIS because of it's excellent rates and service. They informed us that they have paid $80 for the same rental, and that is what we were expecting.

At the desk, the agent informed us that our rental would actually be $105, because "USAA never does unlimited miles." As a first time AVIS customer, I was disappointed at the disconnect between USAA and AVIS. I was also very tired from our already long trip, and annoyed because our military friends have never had this issue. Still, I was willing to sacrifice the $20 so that we could get home as soon as possible. Upon further assistance, the agent revealed to us that our estimated miles were only 80.

We were driving to Charleston - roughly 500 miles. That's a huge price difference. Also, we were informed that there was no economy car available for us, so we would have to take a minivan. The difference in gas cost was also huge.

We needed to get home, so again we compromised. I planned to contact AVIS as soon as we made it home and got some sleep. We proceeded to the key desk and received a key for our minivan, loaded our luggage into the vehicle, and then the vehicle wouldn't start due to "damaged key." I returned to the key desk, and was told again that there was no vehicle available in our class. We were forced to take an SUV, another price increase in gas cost.

While exchanging vehicles, an agent told us that cars are reserved with the expectation that they'll be returned on time, and extended holiday rentals were causing reservation delays. As a paying customer, it is my expectation that no extensions should be granted if there are customers relying on reservations to be met. Also, no agent inspected the vehicle for pre-rental damages, so we had to take our own pictures of the vehicle. Exhausted and frustrated, we began our late departure toward home, during which our vehicle informed us that our "key battery was low." Monday, we returned the vehicle and were given a bill of $286!

We had reserved an economy car for $80, and had to pay three times as much. I could have rented a vehicle for an entire week with another company for that much money. Now, after two weeks of trying to contact AVIS customer service to resolve the issue, they are informing me that their "findings" show that we were fairly charged.

I will never do business with this awful company again.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of avis car rental. Avis needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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