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I would NEVER recommend this company for car hire. Flew into San Diego Airport in August 2014 for a vacation with my wife. The car hire had all been arranged before we travelled. I had also arranged and paid for additional insurance, so I wouldn't need to take out any once there. However, when uplifting the car I was asked to 'sign' (using small PDA's) the contracts. This I did. I did notice mention on one of them regarding insurance, but thought this was part of the package I had paid for. However, when I received my credit card statement weeks later, I found I'd been charged hundred's of pounds for insurance, which I never asked for.

Whilst signing the contract, the member of staff never made mention of insurance. If he had, I would have declined it. This is either poor training or business practice. Any other company I have hired from ask whether you wish to take out insurance. They don't just raid your credit card. In my opinion this money was obtained fraudulently.

I contacted my travel agent, who wasn't able to assist. I also contacted my credit card Company, but as they said I had signed for this, there was nothing they could do to help me. I then contacted Avis in America. They have subsequently given me a "goodwill" payment, which is less than half of what they took from me. Their opinion is I, as a customer, should read the documents prior to signing !! I understand that, but when you arrive late at night, after a very long flight, and are faced with 2 A4 sheets full of small print, it's easier said than done. I believe they should have made mention of insurance, not just make me sign the contracts. Considering there was a *** behind us, I'm sure tempers would be frayed if we spent 15 minutes or so reading them in detail.

It may be that this would only happen at San Diego Airport, I don't know, but the member of staff gave me the option of a Mazda 3 or VW Passat. I chose the Passat. However, when I went out to the lot I found the car was actually a VW Jetta (a not great looking one at that!). How he can have the keys and documentation in his hand and still get the car wrong, I don't know. Also, compared to the car I'd hired in Florida the year before (a different Company), this one handled like a tank. In short, service is abysmal, staff poorly trained/incompetent, and the vehicles pitiful.

As a result, I am recommending to my friends, family work colleagues, and everyone else, NOT to hire from Avis. If you do decide to, put the member of staff on the spot regarding insurance, even if this causes a delay behind you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $292.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Avis Cons: Underhand costs applied, Dealing with customer service, Poor customer service.

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They gave me a "Goodwill" payment for just under half the amount taken. I contacted them, saying I wanted all the money refunded.

They told me that was all they would give me, as it's up to me to check the paperwork!! The next time...if there is a next time, I will spend as much time as I need to read and question everything on the form, and I don't care how many people are behind me in the ***!


I had the same issue at the airport in Munich Germany. Avis staff said absolutely nothing to me during the sign-in process.

I too had explicitly declined insurance during the booking process and the confirmation document clearly identified that. Insurance was added to my contract without discussion, documents were printed, I signed a small slip of paper that was in German. I had no reason to believe my booking had been changed.

Oh did I mention I am an Avis Preferred customer and have rented with Avis numerous of times in the past with excellent results.

I am just beginning the process of trying to resolve this with Avis, I was told it will take several weeks.

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