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I rented a car from Avis over the Chinese New Year in 2012. On the day before I had to return the car, I met with a minor accident where it was clearly established that the fault was with the other driver (admission of wrong was made by the other driver). We both agreed to let the insurance companies and Avis sort it out since I had to fly off the next day.

Upon returning the car and reporting the incident, Avis said that they had to keep my SGD1,000 deposit until the insurance company of the other car paid them - with the process taking no more than 6months.

It has been OVER 15 MONTHS and I've not heard from Avis except for when I write to them and demand a response. And their response has always been 'we are trying to resolve it but there has been no progress since we last corresponded'.

What I cannot understand is that it was only a minor accident and both drivers (myself and the other party) were agreeable on the fault/outcome, so the only bottleneck is Avis.

I tried writing to all available Avis emails to seek some resolution but I've never gotten a reply (except for their automatic reply promising a response in 30 days).

I will never use Avis again. Their internal processes suck and their customer service is way below acceptable standards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Claim.

Monetary Loss: $900.

  • Boiler insurance
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