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Im a preferred customer and i rented a suv at the IAH bush airport. The car was checked out and staged in space G8 when i arrived.

I went over to car and notice it was to small for the ppl that had to be driven. I ask for a bigger car and the mgr said there wasnt nothing in the fleet. I told the mgr i might try to work with what i have and within the next 5 hrs of me needing the rental if something else comes in see if i can be upgraded or something. i was repeatly told NO.

I put my luggage in the back of the car that was checked out to me( never left premises with the car) while i was taken care of buisness while at the airport. The car was check out for me at 9am. I return to avis at around 4 pm and ask to speak to a mgr. I spoke with a mgr and he told me he had something larger to put me in.i gave him the paper work to the car while i go get my bag out of the car that was reserved and given to me.

I went to the space and the car with my luggage was gone. It had got rented to another customer and im ask questions but no answers. The only thing is sorry this happen.

I have money, house keys, work badge, etc in my bag and was given no answers to how this happen. Im still waiting on call back from customer service or fleet mgr but not yet have i gotten a call back.

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What can we say, other than that Avis location is a good example of a group of people we call FUBAR.

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