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I don't care that this location is convenient. The office is in Union Station ( New Haven, Ct train station). I would rather walk else where or catch a cab to a location with better customer service. I will not ever use Avis again! I originally thought I was getting a full size car. I walked out of the office to find a mini van. Okay. I can deal with that. Not a big deal. I get in the van and it smelled like a hint of cigarette smoke and it was dirty. Okay. Annoying but a hint is tolerable and some soilage and staining weren't going to kill me. Car ran and drove fine. The problem occured when I went to return the car. My train departs at 8:11am. I arrive at the rental office at ~7:45am. The door is wide open and the woman at the counter greets me with "we're not open" in a firm voice. It came across to me as barking 'cause she said it several times before I sheepishly asked "I can't return my car?"

"No, you can't. The gate is closed. If you want to return it early you have to go to Tweed (airport). We open at 8," she said.

I'm kind of stressing at this point 'cause I don't know where Tweed is, I'm worried about getting charged something extra for something possibly and missing my train. So, I ask "Where's Tweed?"

"East Haven", she says. I'm frustrated and at a loss for words so I exit the office and I figured I'd wait till she opens the gate in the parking lot so I can pull the van in.

8:02. The gate is still not open. I walk back into the office. Two people are already ahead of me. I, patiently, waited as the customer were tended to without saying a word.

8:08 I exclaimed out "I gotta go. Here are your keys. My train is boarding."

She goes "I can't do anything without a mileage" or something to that effect. I'm already flustered and honestly didn't care about her concern at that point and ran off to catch my train.

Is customer service an urban myth? Is it dead? When did this culture of indifference become so prominent?

Never again, Avis!!

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