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We rented a car thru Avis in San Diego. When we returned it and tried paying with a Travel money card (which is a pre-payed card that works as a debit card), the guy said that it was declined, so we decided paying cash.

We asked if he was sure we wouldnt be charged, and he said that we wouldnt. Later we checked the balance online and saw that we were charged through the card transaction.

It has been over two months that we've been trying to talk to Avis but they say they cant do anything about it and started ignoring our emails. It is outrageous to be treated like this. This company is a big scam and I wouldnt be surprised if this would be some sort of tactic to take money from tourists.

The blunt truth is that they stole $230 from us! We are never going to use that company again and Im not giving up! I will write to every single travel blog and magazine in the US and Brazil so they can warn the readers!

People work hard to save money to go on vacation and end up being scammed by a big company like Avis! God, im so mad I could chew glass!

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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Yes, I have the receipt and we showed it to them several times. However, we are in NYC now.

We were in San Diego on vacation. Could i use the Small Claims up here?


So you have a statement showing that $230 was deducted from the card AND a receipt showing that you paid $230 in cash and they won't refund the money?

Seems like a really simple case for small claims in and out in a few minutes.

If you say you tossed the receipt after claiming to be unsure about the whole transaction, then you have no one to blame but yourself. It's a typical everyday SCAM and any company would be foolish to refund $230 without proof.

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