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I am very disappointed in my resent visit at Avis @ the Memphis Airport. I really feel that we were cheated. We reserved a SUV in Memphis @ the airport. We prepaid for an intermediate size. When we arrived we were given a larger SUV without a request on our part. We assumed it was just a nice gesture. We have been given an upgrade before without asking, therefore we thought nothing of it this time.

We did not notice that we were charged for the upgrade until it was deducted from our bank account. We were also charged for a roadside assistance that we did not ask for, all of this resulted in an additional $175 charged to our account.

We did call the 800 number for Avis & talked to a representative & he informed me that it was our fault for not questioning the upgrade & there was no explanation for the road service charge. We were reimbursed $47.00 from the goodness of his heartless heart.

This has been a learning experience for us.

1. We will not accept a upgrade unless we get in writing. 2. We will never do business with Avis again. They may have swindle $128 from us but they will never get another chance.

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Sounds like you failed to actually read the documents they presented to you at the time you picked up the car. The old saying "you snooze, you lose" applies.

It also sounds like you either used a debit card or gave Avis your bank info.

Bad move. Always use a credit card.

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