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I rented a car fro the Surrey location on 72ns Avenue on Surrey yesterday and let me start by saying you should never give this location any business whatsoever. I was dealing with Aseem Khan so let me tell you what happened. First I pick up my car and the gas was not full so I took a photo of where the level was at and its very easy to see since it is digital ( see 2 photo's shown) so there are 12 bars to represent the level. Well, Aseem knew it was like down to bar 11 so he said to bring it back to the same level. I thought sure no problem. I drive 1km down the road and the bar dropped down to level 10. So I pulled over and took another photo to show that it actually dropped after only one KM so did not want to have to pay to fill it up to bar 11.

I was supposed to bring the car back at 1:15pm so I called him and told him I was going to be a bit late and asked if that was ok. I also asked if there would be any charges. He told me sure no problem that would be fine to bring it back by 2:00pm. So I bring the car back at 1:30pm and mentioned to him about the gas and showed him the photos that I had taken to prove that the level was at bar 10 basically 1km down the road so I filled it up to bar 10. Aseem right away was saying that it was not at the same level and that it was actually lower and that he was going to charge me the extra money in gas. I was upset that he would do that since the car should have been given to me filled in the first place. I had to prove to him by counting the bar levels in the 2 photos that I did indeed bring it back to the same level but he was persistent still that it was not. He then started to get very rude and saying how I was not being very fair and that he would this one time not charge me for the gas since it was his fault for not making sure it was a full tank before leaving. He was however making me feel very guilty and saying that he wont give me any discounts in the future because of this. I thought great that's done, I will pay and leave. So I got my receipt and left. I stopped outside to take a look at the receipt and noticed that he charged me for a 2 day rental. I was like really annoyed at this point so went back in to ask him why he charged me for another day. He told me that I brought the car back late so he had to charge me another full day. I was not happy at this point and told him this was ridiculous since I did call him and told him I would be a few minutes late and he was fine with that over the phone. He obviously was mad about the whole gas thing so thought he could get away with charging me an extra day to make up for what he thought was a loss from his mistake. I started arguing with him and he was so persistent and unbelievably rude. I have never been treated to poorly as a customer. This guy is Fijian so he started pointing his finger at me and swearing at me causing me to swear back at him and it became a heated argument about me getting my money back. I reached into my pocket and realized I still had the car keys so I told him that I still had the keys and would not give them back until he gave me my money back. At that point his decision changed. He came at me from behind the counter yelling and cursing demanding that I give him the keys back and then he would refund my money. I told him NO! you give me my money back first then I will give you the keys. That went back and forth a few times and I seriously thought he was going to get physical with me so I was prepared for the worst. He finally said ok I will give you the money back and then you give me the keys. I was trying to be professional about all this but it was really difficult being the way he was treating me as a paying customer. At this point my friend showed up since he was picking me up and saw the heated conversation going on so I explained to him how poorly I was being treated by this guy and he then went off and got all defensive. As he was drawing up a new receipt with the proper total for me my buddy started to get really upset at Aseem and saying to him that he should not be treating his customers this way. My friend told him that he did not know exactly was going on but could tell that the way he was speaking to me and his body language and abrasive behavior is just not something you should do as a representative for Avis. He then started to yell at my buddy saying who the @$#! are you get out of my store. Then my friend got really pissed off at him and started swearing back at him. This went on for another 2 min. It was really unbelievable how this guy was now treating the both of us. It's like he did not give a rats *** about anyone but himself. He finally finished drawing up my receipt and as agreed I returned the keys.

Aseem then mentioned to me that I am never welcomed into his store again and that I would never be able to rent a car from Avis ever again anywhere. Oh, and I forgot to mention before when he was charging me for a full day I told him that I was going to take the car then for that day he was charging me for. When I told him that he threatened me that he would call the cops. I did nothing wrong since I did in fact pay for another full day so I have every right to take the car for another day.

Anyhow, this was the worst experience in my entire life. I have rented a lot of cars over the years and the customer service I received from Avis was a punch in the face! This guy should NEVER be allowed to work in the customer service industry again. If Avis still allows this guy to keep his job after something like this then I have no respect for that company and people need to be away of their terrible customer service. I urge you to not use Avis and definitely never rent a car from the location in Surrey. The address is 13455 72nd Ave. Surrey. If you want to get screwed around and taken for your money and treated like an animal then by all means go check it out for yourself.

I personally and my buddy will never rent from Avis again because of this and I will spread the word around as much as I can to keep people from dealing with this company.

Take care and happy driving.

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I have had difficulty in the past with this franchise, not this location. I was hit by a snowplow in Maple Ridge one Christmas.

The car was totaled it was not my fault. Avis would not rent me another car they told me to go up the street to Budget. The attending police officer gave me a ride to Budget Rental and he even shook his head at Avis service.

Also keep in mind when using any business, check out the owners.

Often people from another culture have different business approaches. I do find the Indian tact very different than Canadian.

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