Barcelona, Catalonia

I am a current Avis employee in Barcelona, Spain, and I must say that all the written above, by the former Avis employee in the States, is happening now in Spain.

I will write all in English and then into Spanish so everyone knows what´s going on here and there.

Before the arrival of the "Wheel of success" the job was fine, it was a nice place to work, good salary, good work environment, no problems at all, but two years ago they started to put into practice a system called "the wheel", or in Spanish "la rueda".

Now every employee has to follow its rules. Employees are forced to sell or get punished phycologically. Imagine how horrible it is to have someone behind you 8 hours a day taking notes of whatever you say and after the customer leaves, warn you that if you do not follow word by word the sentences of the wheel you are fired.

The senteces are meant to confuse the client so the company sells more "ancilliaries" as they call it or additional products.

Sales managers phycologically treat employees like slaves, they dont care about customer service or even for the health or their own employees.

Employees get frustrated, sick, depressed, get anxiety attacks, they are shocked whenever they see the sales managers coming and all employees are terrified to work. Their only mission is to find another job and leave that nightmare.

Sales performance managers always ask for more, more upgrades, more walkups= (people without reservation), more scdw (Super cover damage waiver) more spay more rsn (tow truck service) more li (liability insurance, gps, baby seats, wifi...

The put all concepts and sales into an excel sheet with the names of all the employees and show them in public so everyone gets its punishment and shame. green for good employees or cheaters, yellow for normal, red for bad or better said honest employees.

Avis employees are forced to say the words of "The wheel" or la rueda, if they dont say it as it has been written they get punished and given a 0 in their daily evaluations.

Is *** on earth to work there while before the arrival of "the wheel" it was heaven.

Now in Spanish. Yo una trabajadora de una oficina de Avis en Barcelona y trabajar en Avis es un infierno. El ambiente laboral antes de " la rueda" era muy bueno , pero como hace un año y medio o dos años trajeron un sistema llamado "la rueda" desde Estados Unidos y desde entonces el terror se ha adueñado de los empleados de Avis.

Muchos han caido en muchas oficinas no sólo en la mia en depresión y tienen ataques de anxiedad. Son forzados a vender o a recibir acoso psicológico por sus managers.

Si no dicen todas la frases de la famosa "rueda" se les castiga. La rueda es un sistema de frases construido para confundir al cliente para que acepte cosas que nunca aceptaría.

Es una venta muy agresiva de arriba a abajo, se intenta vender al cliente sin decirle los precios hasta que tiene que firmar el contrato.

la rueda empieza *** el empleado obligado a decir su nombre, después preguntar ¿Cuantas maletas lleva? ¿Cual es el motivo de su viaje? y ¿Cuantas personas van en el vehí***? Pues bien no importa lo que el cliente conteste la respuesta del empleado tiene que ser ofrecerle dos categorías de vehí*** más caras, *** dos benefícios y dos características, después si el cliente no acepta se baja una categoría de coche y se ofrece una caracteristica y un beneficio, si el cliente no acepta pues se le dá lo que ha pedido y el empleado obtiene un 0 en ventas.

Después se pasa a los "seguros" o coberturas como ellos lo llaman allí hay que sacar al cliente la cobertura completa para que page mucho más, cosa que ni el cliente sabe que es, y explicar la famosa frase de los 10 segundos. que dice, Le recomiendo la cobertura completa que le cubre el 100% del vehí*** asi como a las personas en él y algunas de sus pertenencias.

Dicho eso se continua *** la venta agresiva aunque el cliente lo único que quiera son las llaves del coche e irse.

Hay que continuar *** todas las frases "enlatadas" *** el único propósito de confundir al cliente para sacarle todo el dinero posible.

y así hasta que firme.

Y después de que el cliente se va el sales performance manager te dá los resultados de la auditoria y si no has dicho palabra por palabra como un "robot" esas frases enlatadas entonces estás suspendida.

"El infierno en la tierra es trabajar alli"

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Customer Care.

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You are dead on!! I feel your pain sister.

I follow the wheel to an extent, and have informed Mgmt.

that I refuse to lie and deceive the customer! Integrity is my middle name!!


Correction....I feel your


You are dead on!! I feel your pain sister.

I follow the wheel to an extent, and have informed Mgmt.

that I refuse to lie and deceive the customer! Integrity is my middle name!!


Cry baby? You have no idea of what it is to work there, your response makes me think you have never worked there, so dont talk about something you do NOT even KNOW.

If you dare apply, and let me know how is it in a couple of weeks.

or simply you can go to, write avis budget and check the reviews of the current and previous employees. Do it, come on, and shut up.


You are a cry baby. Do your job and shut up.

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