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We picked up our car in Denver and drove it to Boulder, CO for a family wedding. The next day our tire was flat.

I called the Avis number to see what help they could do for us, get us a new car or change the flat. They said we would have to go back to Denver and get another car (remember we were in Boulder for a family wedding). We had no intentions of going back to Denver for another car, can't believe there was no Avis closer. Then we had to get someone to change the tire.

We spent the rest of that weekend driving around on a donut spare tire. I came home from that trip and called Avis to find out if that is all we could have expected from Avis. I was transferred 4 different times and no one could give me an answer. They offered to refund me one day of the charge for my issues that weekend because of the car.

Today I opened my mail, received a letter from Avis they were charging me for that tire. So they basically took back the refund for the day they gave me the month before. I am again on the phone, on hold mostly, for the past 45 minutes trying to understand why they can't tell me what to expect, as far as help from Avis in these situations. I have never rented from them before and I will not in the future.

I feel like they just push you aside once you have been charged for your car. It is in an emergency situation when you find out what kind of company you are dealing with, and I have no faith in Avis Rental Car Service. Save your time and your money and go with another Rental Car company. I have spent approximately 3 hours on the phone with Avis trying to find out what options we had and why we were left with a flat tire to get fixed because we didn't want to go back to Denver.

Very frustrating. Avis is truly lacking in how to handle their customers needs once they have left their facility with the rental car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental.

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If you do nothing else, at least dispute the charge for the tire. This will cost Avis the dispute fee.

Avis was good to my military son traveling in uniform a few years ago, as opposed to Hertz but perhaps something has changed. Don't know.

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