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On 4/15/2011 I returned an Avis rental car to Springfield Branson Regional Airport. Earlier in the week I'd noticed a crack in the windshield. It started at the base of the windshield and extendded upwards a few inches. Since I didn't recall being hit by a rock, for all I know the crack had started before I rented the car. I was surprised when the woman at the counter asked me to fill out an "accident" report. I assumed the occasional cracked windshield was part of the cost of doing business for a rental car company. After being asked to provide my insurance info, I realized that for Avis at least, it is not.

Today I received a bill from a collection agency instead of a call from my insurance agent. I am appalled that Avis enlisted a collection agency instead of filing a claim using the insurance info I provided. To make matters worse, I'm being charged with a loss of use fee for three days. That is complete nonsense and highway robbery. Nothing about that cracked windshield prevented the car from being driven. My understanding is it takes about an hour to fix a cracked windshield. Along with ridiculous administrative fees of $50, I am livid.

I will never ever rent from Avis again and I will make sure that none of my friends and family are subjected to this brand of "customer service." I will use every means necessary to warn others against renting with Avis. Starting right here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $262.

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Horrid! Keeps happening!! I will close all my accounts with Avis.


I rented from Avis for years on company business with no issues. Of course our company does several million a year with Avis.

On a personal trip I rented Avis and returned the car in tact as received. A month later I received an invoice for a windshield replacement. There was nothing wrong with the car when I returned it, the windshield was fine. I even returned it with more gas than it had upon receipt.

I went to our VP of sourcing and he called in the Avis sales rep, who promptly took care of it.

If not for that, I would have been out 300 plus bucks. Not sure what kind of game Avis is trying to pull?


I had an even worse experience with Avis on 9/13/13 my rental car in Kodiak was hit in the parking lot while I was asleep in the hotel.

So I filed a report and Avis provided another car.

They have you sign off on the car before you see it and tell you if you see anything major come back in and fill out a form, I have rented from the same company many times and in the past when I've noted a ding or dent they always said only major damage was necessary to document

Well they filed a claim for the hit and run against my insurance and then they filed a claim against me for a scratch that was on the second car that was there when I got the car!!!

It's a total ripoff and insurance fraud I appealled and it did not help so I am filing a complaint with the state attorney generals office.

Always pay the extra for the rental car insurance!!!


Rented from Avis in Burnaby Canada,when we took the car through a car wash a piece of plastic on the bumper detatched,intact,nothing broken,screws were intact,as were brackets,I believe this was a manufacturing error or from a previous renter as there were "several" previous dings and scrapes on this vehicle.When we returned the vehicle the sales clerk said it wouldnt be any problem and not to worry about it..now I receive a claim amount for an additional $159.19 to screw the plastic piece back on that was perfectly intact ?? If something comes loose on a vehicle from no fault of my own I feel we are absolutely being taken advantage of..


loss of use..you aren't the *** to determine the 'loss of use' time. It's not that the moment you returned your car avis had it fixed IMMEDIATELY.

The car was unable to be rented for days. If you got the coverage on the vehicle you wouldn't have had to worry about loss of use, but you didn't. Avis didn't grab your car upon return and get it fixed immediately, nor should you expect them to.

Get your head out of your *** and stop being so *** and cheap too. It's also not avis's job to file insurance claims for you, that's your problem.

@hey ***s

In our case our insurance agent told us not to take the insurance from Avis and now we are in the same boat with Avis.

And yes Avis does not call it insurance they call it a waiver of claims.

You must be one of the *** heads from Avis who tries to peddle "waivers". we had a dent in the fender and that took them 6 days you dont have a clue about loss of use

@hey ***s

Does it make you feel better to call others *** and pepper your post with juvenile remarks? Your post should be deleted per the posting policy.

I see no justification for going off on people with legitimate complaints against the way Avis does business. You either work for Avis or like to troll sites like this.


hey *** that's why you get the insurance on the car. Your own insurance may not cover you.

You want to be cheap and save a little bit of money and in the end, you lose. If you get the insurance with the car rental company, you'll be covered but you could care less.

don't complain because you were too *** to get the coverage and now you're having to deal with it. its not the rental car company's fault you were cheap.

@hey ***s

You would be taken a lot more seriously if you posted your opinion without resorting to name-calling.


After returning an Avis rental car which had no visible damage I recieved a claim notice a month later in the mail. When I inquired, they said the front bumper on the passengers side was badly cracked.

To make a long story short I asked the manager why he did not notify me after discovering the damage. Kenai is a very sdmall airport and I was not more that 20 feet away from the counter waiting for a plane for more than an hour. He stated that he found the damage 10 minutes after i dropped off the vehicle. They had my cell phone, my secrataries number but no contact was made.

I have asked for proof (Managers Report)of when the damage was discovered, 3 weeks later still no proof. I appealed hoping for a managers report and all they said was my appeal was denied. I could not get the manager of claims (Peggy Grigsby) to even return my phone calls.

After 3 weeks of dead ends (I finally did get pictures but never a managers report) I am giving up. My company can fight it or whatever but I warn all who read this...NEVER RENT FROM AVIS

@Dennis T in Alaska

hey **hit head from Avis who keeps dinging customers who didnt get the insurance coverage. You must be one of the people from corporate loss / prevention who told me i couldnt wait 3 days but should skip my sons funeral and return a car that was due the day of his funeral or Avis would file a grant theft report with the police.

The only reason the contract was due was because instead of doing a new contract like I asked when i was at Avis 2 weeks before, they said to just keep the current one and it "would be no problem".

After they accused me of lying i sent the pictures of my son from the autopsy. That only backed them off for 12 hours.

I realize now why i couldnt reason with people like you is because you are really just awful people. The true reason nobody ever liked you as a kid was because you really are a bad person and everybody could see it.

Truth is, most auto insurance companies cover loss and the insurance waiver is not required.

Avis screws up and doesnt bill the insurance, its actually their fault, and a lawyer would win that in court every time.

The corporate loss people were just like you. Nasty, derisive, mean, because deep down inside, they knew Avis was wrong, not only wrong but an awful company for the awful way they treat their clients.

Dumba$$, we pay your salary.

You would have *nothing* without us. After hearing you and realizing it wasnt just corporate loss people are just ***, but actually mean, i may start a PR smear on you guys.

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