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I had a very poor rental experience Avis in Rome Italy at the Fiumincino Airport on 4/30/2011. 41977804US1 & 889071982) I had reserved a Volkswagen Passat with a luggage rack, as Avis's website indicated that it would hold five adults and five large suitcases. I even called Avis three days prior to arriving in Rome to verify the car would have a luggage rack.

When we arrived at the rental office at the Rome Airport, there were no Volkswagen Passat's available and no cars with luggage racks. The similar class car offered would not hold five adults and five large suitcases. The rental agents on location were not very cooperative as they told me to go out and try to find a vehicle in the similar category that would accommodate us and our luggage.

There were no vehicles in the similar category that would accommodate us, as we tried packing luggage in two other vehicles. The agents refused to upgrade me to a vehicle that would accommodate us. two hours away and we were forced to rent a van at a much higher cost for the next three days. After transporting passengers and luggage in the Van two hours away, I then had to make the trip back to Rome on 5/3 and exchange for a smaller vehicle to contain our overall costs. The agents would not let me return the van to a location closer to our destination (Cortona, Tuscany) as they said they wanted the van back to their location in Rome. There were two rentals, (41977804US1 & 889071982).

My complaint of overcharge was that I was forced to rent a van for three days to transport passengers and luggage to Cortona at a much higher rate than I had originally reserved a car for. And then when I returned the Van to rent the original class G car, I was charged a rate greater that I had originally reserved the same class car G for. This was not apparent to me at first due to the Rome agent charging me in Euro's. So I was actually overcharged in two separate incidents.

I was charged $2,339.33 for the 2nd vehicle rented for 21 days at the rate of $111.40 a day when I had original reserved the same class G vehicle for 24 days for only $1976.16 at $82.34 a day. I should have only been charged a total of $1729.14 for the 21 days not $2,339.33.

Add to that the additional cost of renting the Van, I was charged a total of $3,257.37, while my original reservation for a class G vehicle for 24 days was $1,976.16. The total rental time period ended up costing me $1,281.21 more than I had originally reserved for with Avis.

Avis has replied to me in a string of emails (that I have attached) indicating that they have never really reviewed this complaint. It is almost unbelievable the way this complaint has been handled. I have heard from six different people and at this point Avis does not even acknowledge knowing what my issue is.

On 6/7/2011 they stated that car categories are guaranteed, specific makes or models, or optional features cannot be guaranteed. They then stated that they valued my patronage; and were mailing an Avis Customer Service Certificate in the amount of $50.00 for a future Avis rental.

On 6/8 when I replied with the above financials, they stated that they were unable to see the second contract and to please provide the rental agreement number for reservation number 41977804US. They would then forward your case number 9435899, to the Avis Italy for review of the applied charges.

On 6/13, they acknowledged receiving the requested documentation and stated: We have forwarded your case to our international liaison, who would investigate the situation and contact me with their findings within 21 business days.

On 7/20 I replied that it had been 37 days since their last email advising that I would be contacted for resolution within 21days and could they please provide an update. They replied with an apology and stated that the information was not forwarded as advised in the last email and that my information has now been forwarded to their International Specialist liaison, who will have to investigate the matter, and contact me with a resolution.

They then replied on 8/4 that I had signed for LLi and agreed to the charge for it. I replied that I signed their documents but their response did not address my complaint. They then replied: Thank you for your reply we are very sorry the information that was sent to our International Dept. was that you were disputing insurance being billed. We have no other information or letter .If you could please forward that information we would be happy to send that information to Italy for review.

I then restated my case with the long stream of emails, again asking for a contact from someone in management to stop this comedy of errors on their part to no avail. On 8/5, their email stated that they have advised their management in an email that this case should have been sent to INTL when it was first received and that the matter would be handled internally Again they do apologize and will contact me next week. This is the reply I received later that same day:

Hello Mr. DeMola,

I have added your email to your file. The certificates in the beginning were for your inconvenience for the make and models are not guaranteed. The agent was trying to let you know by sending the certificates that we do appreciate your business. When the customer books and then the car is not big enough the locations do charge to upgrade the vehicle. The customer is responsible for the car they book.

The paperwork we received from Italy and sent you on August 04 2011 indicated the charges are correct based on your signature. I have reviewed with my manager here in the US this morning and have been advised based on the car being booked was G car and the country did have that group available Italy followed your booking request. If you would like to further this dispute please contact Italy direct at CustomerService.IT@bsc.avis-europe.com

We hope you understand our position.

At this date I still don't know if they understood what my complaint was and I would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental Booking.

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Thursday, I complained to Cheapoir about the bait and switch from Avis and after 45 minuites on hold, they came back and said that avis would refund my $800 on Friday. ANOTHER LIE>


BAIT and Switch and then the promise to refund the $800 in 2-3 days , lie, then 7-10 days-lie...then 2 weks..-lie and now what.

I am filingna complaint with the Better BUSINESS bUREAU TODAY.



I had an accident and a flat tire and had to wait hours for AVIS and missed my flight and then had another bill of $1200 to get home.

AVIS is a buzz kill and is not ever going to be recommended by me. I called our local Triple A and they confirmed that they don't use AVIS and prefer Hertz.

I will alos speak to a lawyer on Monday. As since I have been robbed by ABIS and cheapo air was complicit to this crime.....I have no money in my account to pay my insurance and it was cANCELLED AND MY CAR INSURANCE WAS CANCELLED FOR NON PAYMENT AND MY TAXES ARE LATE AND ALL HAVE LATE FEES. I AM DAMAGED FROM YOUR bulklshiT.




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