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Had a reservation for Medford Oregon. When I got there, they said "sorry we don't have any cars until about 3 hours from now, and there are 3 people ahead of you".

I asked if I should go and come back since I had an appointment to be at, if they would hold my place in line. I spent $80 in taxis that day. called to see if they had a car in the afternoon and they said there was still a wait. I said"I will come in and wait".

They said " well you are going to be bored." I went anyways and miraculously they came up with a car within about 10 minutes. It was dirty and wreaked of smoke, but I took it anyways. I brought it back the next morning because the car was gross and I decided to try my luck at Hertz. I switched my card payment to my debit card for my one day rental.

Unbeknown to me they put a hold on my debit card for $400 AFTER I returned the car! When I figured this out, I went back in to the office to complain and get the hold removed, and told the lady in a conversational tone that putting a $400 hold on my debit card for a car I returned early, after receiving it about 8 hours late, was ***. She started yelling at me to go deal with their customer service over the phone because she was not going to take that Kind of language and pointed at the door for me to leave. after multiple calls to their customer support and my bank, they said they were going to credit my account a certain amount....

which they turned around and did not do. Wasted 2 days of vacation time and $80 on taxis. Worst customer service experience my life. Do not ever rent from Avis, especially Medford Oregon location.

Went to Hertz after that and it was like leveling up from *** (Avis) to heaven (Hertz). Got a nice new car, waiting for me right when they said it would be.

No payment problems, no unnecessary hold on my card after dropping it off, super professional counter service. Avis needs to go out of business if that's how they are going to treat people.

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