Bryan, Ohio

Long Wait at rental counter, long wait to obtain car, no flexibility for travelers. Rate was already too high and they tacked on $300 fee to drop-off the car at a different location.

After a few calls to a 3rd world country, I finally get through to Midway and they're no help.

This company is going no where fast - I'm a business consultant and Avis is the definition of complacency and lack of customer service. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Avis gouges consumers forced to use their toll transponders. They charge a $3.95 per day "convenience fee" for the entire rental period, regardless of how many days it is used.

Most toll roads these days have no other option, but to use a transponder. Pure profit for Avis, while the customer gets screwed.


Avis sucks. Waiting 3o minutes for a shuttle at LAX, only to be dropped off to a hour long wait at the Avis Rental Center. This is the last time I use Avis


We declined added loss damage insurance, but were charged $442 extra. My wife and I believe we were bilked.


Avis is the absolute worst! I dropped off a car at the Memphis airport and there was no one around anywhere.

There were four customers dropping off cars waiting for someone. We all had to catch flights and decided to leave. I left a note and went to the preferred desk on another floor to tell them. They said "We will take care of it and ensure you get a receipt".

Two days later, still nothing and now it is saying online that I didn't return the car. I have been on the phone with Avis for 1.5 hours now trying to sort this out. This is just standard service for them.

I have to deal with this all the time. I'm done with Avis - I am going elsewhere for now on.


Avis takes ZERO responsibility for their international rentals. Customer Service and call in lines are outside USA.

No problem, but the call centers are not top quality as others, resulting in poor service and difficulty communicating problems. Generally, overall service is similar to the USA phone company's in the 80's and cable service now. Transfer call, no one takes responsibility and no one knows what's going on.

From TV. They can take the car rental, but that's about it.


Rented a car and signed electronically at the counter. Thought I had declined all coverages -- at least that's what I told the representative I wanted.

After returning car I found damage waiver insurance charged to me. Called Avis and they would not reimburse me.


Unfortunately this is also true for AVIS Europe... AVIS customer service completely sucks and you shouldn’t expect any help or response whatsoever regardless of how many times they promise to finally “try harder” and to sort out THEIR issues and THEIR mistakes.

Instead you are left to keep calling AVIS customer support over and over again each time having to wait an average 20min for someone to pick up the phone or their line to go down…

I am a frequent traveller since 20years and have never experienced such a lousy customer service as AVIS provides.

Fortunately I have a Hertz President’s circle card and after having tried AVIS for 4months (the new company I work for preferred we use AVIS) I’m returning to Hertz. Bye bye AVIS, one more customer off the hook!


Yeah... They Don't "Try Harder"...

they suck harder. I love what a dominant macho that wannabe Boz Scaggs guitar playing airport manager in Vegas always trying to be intimidating vulnerable bystanders like store clerks into bed with him.

All this makes their disgraceful idea of "customer service" self explanatory, that and like at least 2 others have validated: triple authorization of the amount promised. I'm sure Boz would turn in his grave




I work at Avis currently, as it is so hard to find work I have no other options right now. My district manager once told me my job is not customer service, my job is to make money, lots of money.

I loathe every second of time spent within the perimeter of my workplace. Be not mistaken, there is no emphasis on customer service whatsoever. This is not a job where you can step back and be proud of your work at the end of the day.

Be nice to the guy behind the counter and he will probably be more than willing to face condemnation and backlash from his superiors for helping you out. The odds are that he hates Avis with a burning passion, the likes of which the customer cannot comprehend after spending fifteen minutes securing a rental car.


Avis does not "try harder" they only do when you are willing to pay the ridiculous rates!!! We missed a flight because they do not have an after hours drop off and we were unwilling to pay the outrageous $300 change fee to drop off at the air port....Avis is a company that needs to go back to the drawing board and take a lesson in customer service.....Learn to be customer friendly not money hungry!! I will never use AVIS again!


All travelers are not equal.....*** get treated like ***!


Avis totally sucks. never again will I rent an AVIS car.

To begin with, they quoted me an amazing rate of $10/day and then when I get to Dublin, the rate they add all these extra fees on and hold up $800 in checking account....the total bill was infact was $969.15 and then they rocked my account for that amount also. So, they have charged me $1,769.15 for a car that they quaoted as $10/day or $100 for the whole trip.

never again with avis


yeah they do suck because in addition to all the hidden fees these people speak of, they're anything but friendly especially when your spending more than neccessary. they really think that's going to make a customer come back, even IF they end up doing business? please


I used to work at Avis in the domestic call center. If you want your call answered by a a US rep call 1-800-331-1083.

It's the Chairmans Club #.

AKA the upper crust that they kiss primo *** for. :grin

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