October 2017 Phoenix airport Avis Scam. Yes this guy is correct.mmy wife and Ibhave just been scammed in the same way.

The salesperson *** added $2470 on top of our prepaid voucher of £460 to upgrade without a word spoken about it. They only charge our card on the day we left the country. Not only that the car we had was high mileage crap. Couldn't get I reverse and scratches and dents all over.

It was a pile of rubbish. Amex credit card was also happy to go along with them when we complained.

They also charged $120 for a tank of fuel, but when we filled up on three occasions from virtually empty we could not get $59 in the tank. Everything about Avis is a scam but providing they manage to get your money Avis are happy with it.

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