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We had a rental car reservation at Avis, at the Philadelphia International Airport a few weeks ago. We were not happy at all with the service at all. Our flight came in at 9:15pm and we had to wait about 20 mins just for the shuttle to come pick us up. All the other rental cars shuttle came around every few min's. Avis's shuttle did not.

When we got to the Avis rental building there was a long line out the door. Although there was many employee's walking around, laughing ,talking and etc.. the line did not move very fast at all. They only had 2 people working the counter and one kept walking away. We also had to listen to the employee's complain about how it was time for them to get off work.

We waited from 9:35pm to 11:15pm to get our car. After an already long plane ride, we was very disappointed to have to wait that long just to pick up a car. I have two small kids, and they wasn't enjoying the wait needless to say.

When we made it up to the counter, we was not given a discount or coupon or nothing for our nearly 2 hour wait. They wouldn't even honor my military discount. The lady said that I should have put the military discount in online when I made the reservation. I never even seen a place to put a discount in online.

When it was time to return the car, I was over charged. I was not given the same price that I was given online. The lady tried to fix it but we still ended up paying more than what was quoted to us online. We will not be using Avis again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avis Car Rental.

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Steven S

So because you couldn't navigate their website they are suppose to edit your order while they are overly busy. And just because you had to wait doesn't mean you deserve a discount because nowhere on their site did they said in and out in 2 mins. Grow up.

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