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avis is a HUGE scam, I rented from avis recently, and I told them I did not want their insurance, my own covered it. Well when I returned my car, they had charged me for the insurance!! It was 450.00?? I said I did not want it, and the sales person just added it on. I had to fight with a *** manager there and they took it off. So then I find out later, that their rental people they make huge commissions when you take the insurance, and they make commissions off their upgrades too. But they add it to your rental without even telling you! Beware and check your receipts to see if it's on there because mine wasn't on my PAPER but it was on my receipt. Also the rental people, I find out from my nephew that they make up their own upgrade prices.

They tried to upgrade me into a bigger car, and the guy told me it was 20.00 a day for the car. I went to another person and they told me the same car was 10.00 a day. My nephew used to work in car rental and said the agents make up their own upgrade prices and the higher the prices the more money the sales people make. This is a total scam!! How can they change their prices like this and worse, they just ADDED the insurance to my rental and charged my card 450.00 and I had to FIGHT to get a refund. What kind of *** company does this to people??? Don't ever take their insurance or get their upgrades, or just sit there and negotiate if you have to, the people that working there are snakes and will lie to you and deceive you. their rental people are scam artists and steal money from us hard working folks, and their management seems to encourage it. stay away from this company and ALWAYS check your receipts!! Avis sucks!! they don't try harder they don't try at all and worse, they try harder to scam customers as much as they can!!

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Just wanted to add to this our holiday experience, accepted an upgrade and stupidly signed an agreement assuming it was for an upgrade. When returning the vehicle I find that we have been charged an additional 700 euros more than tripling our costs.

Customer Service were no help, clearly reading from a script. Disgusted by the way we have been treated.

Not only having ruined our holiday, this will impact kids Birthdays and Christmas. Avoid at all cost....


I negotiated a rate for six days thru Priceline. I had to cut my trip to four days.

I called Avis a week in advance to revise my reservation. They said "No problem". After I picked up my car the rate had changed resulting in MORE charges with the four days than the original six days. They never told me or I would have cancelled the contract.

This was their "policy".

I WAS a member of their Chairman's Club. No more.


I picked up my car from Avis at San Francisco Airport on May 10, 2014. The car was rented in Copenhagen, Denmark as a package deal.

Fully paid including all the insurance I would ever need for the rental. The guy at the counter was taking advantage of non-suspecting tourists after a 10 hour flight. This *** snake slapped a non-package insurance charge of $317.00 on my rental agreement without notifying me. As if I needed insurance on top of my full insurance from Copenhagen.

I was even told at Avis Copenhagen that I do not need more than this as it covers fully. I complained to them officially and it’s still pending. I will let you know what it ends with. Spread the word.



I just got a similiar AVIS SCAM. Prepaid for a rental car when visiting the USA. PREPAID CONTRACT says insurance INCLUDED. At the counter I remind the guy that the insurance is included. He adds it on again and charges my credit card.

Avis argued with the credit card company. My credit card company took the hit and credited the amount. I said "thats wrong". CC company said let people know and eventually it will get back to them.

After 12 yrs as a regular customer, I AM DONE WITH THIS SCAMERS.


DO NOT USE AVIS MAJOR SCAM ARTISTS. We rented a car to be picked up in Spain.

Upon arrival they told us they had no cars at that price and charged us an additional fee. Avis USA claims they can't help us. I have had no response from Spain. Its only a matter of time they will lose their jobs and they deserve it.

They should not be allowed to conduct buisness this way.

Hope they close very soon. DO NOT USE AVIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


never taking avis anymore. I gave the car back with the tank full, and they charged me 86 euro + VAT for "refuelling charge".


Google "Avis scam" and you'll find some horrendous experiences, mine included.

I returned a car to Avis in the UK on Saturday and the agent went round the car THREE TIMES, checking every spot of mud (1/4") to see if he could classify it as a scratch and charge for damage


I had the same exact same experience with Avis in Los Angeles in June 2012. I had a quote for $50 for our weekend rental, and had declined the extra insurance.

At the rental counter, the agent asked and I verbally declined the insurance again. The contract that I signed was on a touch screen and was not visible when I was signing, and upon returning the car I found that they had charged me for additional insurance which more than doubled the price of the rental. After I got home and got unpacked, I called Avis and complained. THe customer service representative initially told me that I would have to pay the entire amount.

After five minutes of haggling, she agreed to refund the extra. Apparently it is Avis company policy that you cannot trust their rental agents or take them at your word, rather you should verify, double check, and assume that their rental agents are lying right to your face.


This site is a scam these are companys that don't like avis do not be fooled avis has the best prices and newest cars2012.

@Alvarez john

I got scammed by an agent for $750 this week for a $250 prepaid hire. I even questioned the charge on the conteact and was told it was a blok on the car. Fortunately Amex app sends notification through in real time and was able to get fee taken off.Agent laughed it off as oops I pressed the wrong button.Had I not had the Amex app it would have been difficult to sort out when credit cArd statement comes through.


Just have a terrible experience with Avis car rental. It was fully prepaid booking and after returning a car I got few other charges from Avis, which are 2 times more than full cost of the booking and.

I advise do not rent car from Avis, or be prepare to pay a lot more than your booking cost.


Never rent from avis! I had the same experience with avis.

They are professional thirds.

They hid the insurance charge in the contract, skillfully make you sign it, then charge you an insurance you don't need, you contest,they said it was your mistake you signed! No any


Just got the shaft from AVIS in Tampa, Florida counter guy worked me like a new born. Overcharged on price per day, insurance I didn't need, charged for gas that was filled after return and when call into customer services the customer is always wrong.

Like others stated read your paperwork, he just said initial here, here, and here and yes I did, you just can't trust anyone so like most rental places it's about there profit and not there customers. So I would advise against Avis, I will not forget this experience, but they're all the same.

good luck but read every piece of paper they throw in front of you.

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