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Update by user Jan 09, 2015

The return my money! So, it shows that even mistakes can be made, they are willing to fix them.

I'm resolving the case.

Original review posted by user Dec 31, 2014

I did a reservation and paid through Orbits. The car I ordered was "Ford Escape of similar". When I was doing the paperwork in Salt Lake City airport everything went as usual - I provided my ID, Credit Card, signed papers and got the keys. I didn't verify each and every point of the agreement – at that point I trusted Avis, and was a bit tired after the flight to read multiple lists of the agreement.

This was a big mistake. It turned out they silently added a point to the agreement, stating that I was agreed to pay 70 dollars per day extra for the upgrade. Of cause I didn't ask for any upgrades and not a single word was mentioned by the Avis representative about the upgrade or extra fees. I didn't notice anything wrong when I took the car, it was Ford Expedition instead of Ford Escape, but I'm not car expert, and not expert in Avis prices, so I was under impression that they gave me Expedition just because they didn't have Ford Escape available at that point.

Sorry to say that, but this experience shows that in case of Avis you shouldn't expect fair business, and need to be extra cautious. Silently adding points to the agreement in hope that client would sign it without reading, what does it sound like? For me it sounds like scam.

I travel a lot and use car rent really often, in the past I used other car rent companies, and this was my first experience with Avis. Not always everything went smooth in the past, issues happen. But as a matter of fact, I never run into dishonesty issues with other car rent companies. So, based on this, I strongly advice not to rent cars with Avis.

I started fighting for my money, I want to return my 716 dollars, and I'll use all possible options I have. This is not too big sum for me, but this is matter of principle. I'll publish the negative review on every single review site I'll find.

Avis - never again!

Reason of review: Charged me for rent car upgrade I never asked and wasn't told..

Monetary Loss: $717.

Avis Cons: Underhand costs applied.

  • Avis Scam
  • Unwanted Upgrade
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It is unbelievable! These guys don't have a bit of imagination.

Exactly the same case - booked midsize SUV (Ford Escape or similar) through Orbitz, at the SLC airport they gave me Chevrolet Captiva which by Chevrolet's definition ( is a compact crossover. On top of the $721.81 I paid to Orbitz, they charged me $716.71 for the upgrade from midsize SUV to compact crossover. The agent's name was Juan and he did not say anything about upgrade. He also failed to mention that the car rear bumper was dented, so I had to take pictures and go back to him and tell him to enter this in the computer.

I called customer no service at AVIS and got the same rebuff - "but you signed the contract". To me it looks like a common and well rehearsed and tolerated practice and I wonder what the big bosses at AVIS would say about this.


We had exactly the same issue, same place, same vehicles (amounting to a $1000 upgrade on a $600 booking!).

After several emails which were rebuffed with a "but you signed the contract" response, we were eventually quickly reimbursed when we followed all the way thru the Avis complaint escalation procedure.

There's clearly a problem at the Avis branch at Salt Lake City airport so beware.

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