Salt Lake City, Utah

Update by user Jun 09, 2015

AVIS made a partial refund, still charging me around $50 for some airport taxes and fees that nobody can explain. I send them a check because I got tired of dealing with them and will try to totally forget about them.

Original review posted by user May 04, 2015

I made a car rental reservation as part of a package deal and paid through Orbits. The car I ordered was a Mid Size SUV "Ford Escape or similar". When I was doing the paperwork at the AVIS counter in the Salt Lake City airport everything went as usual - I provided my ID, Credit Card, signed papers and got the keys. I didn't verify each and every point of the agreement as I trusted the Avis representative and did not want to make the people behind me in the line wait much longer since it was midnight. I went to the AVIS parking garage and the car that was assigned to me was Chevrolet Captiva, which by Chevrolet's definition ( is a compact crossover. The agent did not say anything about upgrade. He also failed to mention that the car rear bumper was dented, so I had to take pictures and go back to him and tell him to enter this in the computer.

It turned out that the agent without uttering a word had added a point to the agreement, stating that I had agreed to pay 35 dollars per day extra for an upgrade. Of course, I didn't ask for any upgrade and not a single word was mentioned by the Avis representative about any upgrade or extra fees. When signing the paperwork I was misled by the total of $716.71 which looked very close to the initial amount of $721.81 that I paid to Orbitz and by no means I would have thought that I am getting an upgrade since Chevrolet Captiva looks the same class of vehicle as Ford Escape. I was under impression that they gave me a similar car, since a Ford Escape was not available at that time and the Chevrolet Captiva was the only SUV like vehicle on the AVIS parking lot.

After getting my credit card statement two weeks later I called customer service at AVIS and got the same rebuff as other customers have gotten - "but you signed the contract". Since exactly the same scenario happened to two other customers that have written to this website, it looks to me that this is a common and well rehearsed and tolerated practice and I wonder what the big bosses at AVIS would say about this.

Silently adding points to the agreement in hope that the trusting customer would sign it without reading (which is most of the time) is not a fair and honest practice. In the last ten years I have rented cars at SLC airport several times and never had any issues. I would never expect this kind of blatant dishonesty from a rental car company.

I hope AVIS changes this way of doing business and we deal again in the future.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $716.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Avis Cons: Dishonest customer service.

  • Bad Rental Car experience
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Yes just got back from Denver had another 100 charged to me but cannot get an explanation. Will never rent fron avis again


This is exactly what happened to me at JFK as well. I pre-booked and paid in advance.

I signed and a day later I saw additional charges on my CC. When I called I was told it was for an upgrade I never asked for.

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